P3-OM Review: High Strain, Vegan Probiotic: How Effective is it?

P3-OM Review how different is this vegan probiotic from others on the market?

p3om review, p3-om probiotics

So, you have a friend who loses fat as fast as butter melting in the hot sun.

On the other hand…

You find it extremely hard to lose a kilo or two even if you were living on grass and peanuts.

Or maybe, your friend builds muscles just by staring at the dumbbells, and you get no results from countless hours of being a gym-rat.

Worse yet, your digestive health makes you feel that you’re always woefully under-prepared to eat anything sweet or tasty.

Have you ever wondered what’s wrong with your body?

Why isn’t all the training and protein powders working as it’s supposed to?


Let’s introduce you to the underlying reason for the self-defeating health, which might potentially pull the rugs out of your feet.

The Hidden Truth Revealed:

Believe it or not, the human gut houses tens and thousands of bacteria.

Before you freak out over this news, what you should know over here is that not all bacteria that co-exist with us in our body are bad.

There are good as well as bad bacteria in our body at any given point in time.

The ratio of good and bad bacteria plays the key role in our general health and wellness. The 90:10 ratio is very important. The bad bacteria don’t pose great health risks as long as they stay a minority.

If bad bacteria are present in excess, they suck all the good things from you.

As a result, you might have trouble losing weight or gaining the desired amount of muscles.

Worse yet, you can have all kinds of digestive nightmares…

So, the trick is to have more good bacteria in your body than the bad ones.

Makes sense, right?


Probiotics: Brief Introduction

For those who don’t know, our gut bacteria alone are nearly 70% of our immune system. As they say, a weak immune system is a breeding ground for health issues.

On the other hand, a strong immune system can wipe out a host of potential health risks by acting as a shield for your body.

Therefore, to enjoy a healthy life, you need to have a good immune system, which should be powered by an army of good bacteria.

Probiotics are the good bacteria for the digestive system. Industry experts consider them as the ‘new vitamin’ for our overall health and wellness.

After all, they are the ones that help us out.

Simply put, probiotics are the fighting soldiers in our body that go on full-fledged war with all the body destroying-stuff on a daily basis.

It only makes sense to supply your body with all the good bacteria you can.


This is where P3-OM can help you achieve this.

Introduction to P3-OM

As you might have guessed by now, P3-OM is a probiotic supplement that wipes out all the bad bacteria and increases the good ones to improve a person’s overall health and well-being.

By doing this, the supplement helps a in many key health areas of life such as:

-Help one lose stubborn fat faster than usual by boosting one’s body’s metabolism and clearing all blockages in the body.

-Aids faster muscle gain than usual by increasing the protein digesting ability of the body.

-After acclimatizing, it helps to beat all common digestive problems. It prevents the onset of acid reflux, gas, and other stomach related issues.

Remember, you are getting all these blissful health benefits without making any changes to your existing diet.

Plus, the P3-OM supplement makes use of natural plant-based capsules which makes them safer than most Probiotics on the market.

Watch Wade Lightheart in the video review below talking extensively about probiotics in general and P3-OM.

How does P3-OM work?

P3-OM is a cut above the scope because of the way it reacts in the body. When consumed, it sets the path for good bacteria to enter a person’s digestive system.

Once the good bacteria enter the GI tract, they detoxify the entire body by flushing out all the toxins present in the gut.

Of course, the primary goal is to help a user digest his/her food better so that the desirable nutrients don’t go waste. If you are not aware, a single capsule of P3-OM includes 250 mg of Lactobacillus Plantarum, which is the chief ingredient in the product.

P3-OM ingredient, high strain probiotic

Who can Consume P3-OM?

Anyone with a desire to improve his/her health can give a shot at P3-OM because it offers numerous health benefits which include fat loss, muscle gain, and better focus.

You can also take it to simply improve your digestive health. As you might already know, a good gut will decrease the likelihood of a host of health issues such as gas, acid reflux, constipation, and so on.

Simply put, P3-OM can fix a lot of health-related problems in your life. Given all the health benefits, P3-OM has a larger user appeal than its rivals.

How to Consume P3-OM?

To begin with, P3-OM doesn’t require you to make changes to your diet or exercise routine to experience all the health benefits it has to offer. This dietary supplement can be easily bought from the comforts of your home in six, three, or a single bottle.

A single bottle contains a generous supply of 120 capsules. Now, the consumption part differs a bit from your conventional probiotics capsules, and this also depends on the individual involved. For best results, Wade Lightheart, the man behind the product advice users to take a capsule at night and right before meal. Granted, it’s advisable you seek the guidance of a physician before embarking on any dosage.

Watch P3-OM Probiotics in action below on raw meat when used with MassZymes.

Are there are Side-Effects of using P3-OM?

Gladly enough, there have been no reports of major side effects from the use of P3-OM probiotics capsules. That being said, some users did report of upset stomach, but these instances were an absolute minority, which is part of the general side effects that occur when the body tries to adjust to a new good bacteria (more here). Others have been able to make P3-OM a part of their daily regime without any fuss.

So, it’s safe to claim that this dietary supplement has worked for most users without any adverse effect on their body.

P3-OM Pros:

  • P3-OM provides our gut with protein-digesting bacteria of amazing strength to increase the flow of amino acids to the muscles for rapid growth and recovery. One’s ability to recover from workouts will skyrocket like never before.
  • It kicks the butt of all the viruses that can impact our digestive track. As a result, it keeps a user immune from a host of stomach related issues, which can further help one lose weight and gain muscles sooner than usual.
  • One would be pleased to learn that P3-OM supplement can be tried risk-free for a period of 365-days. If you are not happy with the outcome, you can return the product for a full refund provided you don’t open more than one bottle.
  • Unlike the competition, this product does not require any refrigeration. The capsules are freeze-dried to ensure that they stay potent and dormant till they come in contact with water.
  • Unlike the competition, P3-OM is gluten and lactose free. Also, it’s strong enough to stay and survive in the body to help you reap optimum health benefits. Inferior probiotics doesn’t last in the body because of the acids present in our stomach.
  • The makers have included high doses of L. plantarum in the product to make it more effective than others. For those who don’t know, Lactobacillus plantarum is a powerhouse of a probiotic, which can do wonders to one’s gut.

P3-OM Cons:

  • It’s not a quick-fix product. You should be prepared to give the product some time to witness all the health benefits discussed in this post.
  • If you are suffering from any serious health condition, you should consult a Physician before using P3-OM so as not to make things worse. Also, if you are suffering from gastritis or ulcer, you are advised against the use of this probiotics supplement.
  • It’s a bit pricey supplement compared to the competition (this is wiped out considering that it comes with 120 capsules in a bottle). As such, the slightly higher price tag should not be an issue if you value your health. Also, you can save on the cost by opting for three or six bottle packages. The cost goes down as you increase the quantity of order.

Final Words:

P3-OM does an amazing job of keeping your body clean from the inside-out. It’s different from the probiotic supplements sold in the market today. Better yet, it’s completely vegan. So, our takeaway for the product is positive. In our opinion, this product fits the bill of being tagged as a ‘health hero.’ Not trying to act as a brand ambassador for the product over here; only stating the facts based on personal and past user experience. You can pay condolence to all the bad bacteria in your gut with this dietary supplement.

As hinted before, the beauty of the product is that it gets the job done—a piece of information confirmed by tens and thousands of past P3-OM users.

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MassZymes Review: Protease Rich Enzyme Supplement, How effective?

Masszymes Review: How effective is this digestive enzyme supplement in helping you digest your protein intake, bodybuilding and total digestive health?

masszymes review a vegan based digestive enzyme supplement rich in protease
MassZymes bottle

Do you want to be the health hero of your own life?

With all the miscalculations that we do with our training, diet, and lifestyle:

How do we boost our body’s performance without the usual elbow grease involved in the process?

To be point blank over here:

If you are witnessing increasingly small progress from your diet and training efforts, you should start thinking outside the box.

After all, what’s the point of taking hundreds and hundreds of grams of protein every day when your body can’t absorb all of that?

The chances are that your protein is not landing where it needs to be.

It must be landing right in the toilet bowl.

What a huge waste of food and cash, isn’t it?

So, what’s the missing puzzle over here?

Let’s say; you know that your body needs 250 grams of protein every day. Supplying your body with 250 grams of protein doesn’t necessarily mean that your body is automatically geared for muscle building.

Why so?

Remember, you are feeding 250 grams of protein in your digestive system to meet your protein requirements for the day.

How much of the 250 grams of protein do you think gets nicely absorbed by the body?

Believe it or not…,

Most bodies can digest only half of the supplied protein. Worse yet, undigested protein doesn’t do any good to our muscles or overall health.

Basically, most of the money spent on the protein fulfillment goes right down the drain.


Ironically, most of us fail to recognize the critical role of enzymes for peak body performance, overall health and wellness; even the best of us.

For those who don’t know, enzymes are the key to improved digestive health. As surprising as it may sound, if your enzymes are doing a poor job of breaking down your food; the nutrient absorption from the supplied food can be less than half.

What enzymes essentially do is that they break down the food into easily absorbed particles to transport them better to all the required body parts.

In other words, they do a great favor to our body by improving our nutrient absorption ability.

Simply put: they bless us with a far better digestive system than we would have without them.

masszymes review protease rich digestive enzyme supplement

MassZymes Review:  Does it Fit the Bill?

Since you are now aware of the important role of enzymes, how do you increase their population in your body?

Sorry to be the messenger of bad news over here:

We can’t get enough enzymes from our regular food to beef up our digestive enzymes naturally.

This is where MassZymes comes into the picture like a lead hero. MassZymes is a medical-grade, vegan-based digestive enzymes supplement.

It optimizes the digestive system of those that workout or train and even those who don’t.

By incorporating MassZymes into your life, you will be able to cut down the biggest waste of your diet: ‘proteins.’

Because this dietary supplement will help you absorb the protein much better than your body would ordinarily do.

Watch Wade Lightheart speak on how enzyme optimizes the body in the video below


It will help you maximize utilization of your protein intake without necessarily having take more proteins.

Thus preventing the body from breaking down muscle tissues for manufacturing digestive enzymes to digest any food intake.

How does MassZymes Work?

MassZymes is loaded with a healthy dose of Protease strains in each capsule. They work at various pH levels to ensure that our body breaks down the protein supplied to the digestive tract in an efficient manner.

See how MassZymes work on Oatmeal in the video below

It contains five major proteases, and it’s formulated with 100,000 HUTs (HUT: Haemoglobin Unit Tyrosine base) of protease per capsule. In combination with other ingredients, (which are clearly listed on the supplement), the MassZymes ensures that the consumed protein gets broken down into vital amino acids at every phase of the digestion process, which is a must for muscle growth and repair.

The key ingredient that aids the absorption of Amino acids over here is AstraZyme™. When paired with others, it floods your muscles with maximum possible amino acids to achieve optimum muscle growth without needing to increase your protein intake.

masszyme ingredient and comparison table

MassZymes also endows the digestive system with other enzymes such as Lipase, Amylase and other. This works on food intakes such as fats, carbohydrates and any other class of food we can consume; breaking them down into absorb-able components for the body to use.

The Man Behind the Product:

The man behind this MassZymes is Wade T Lightheart. For those who are involved in the fitness world may know him, needing no formal or written introduction.

wade lightheart enzyme

Wade T Lightheart is a vegetarian bodybuilder who avoided the common path followed by many “juiced-up bodybuilders” out there to winning some bodybuilding Championship to his name.

He partnered with some world-renowned scientists to create a one-of-a-kind enzyme formula focused towards fitness enthusiasts and those that desire total digestive health.

Today, he is an author, nutritionist, athlete, and advisor. He is also a mainstream speaker at health and fitness seminars. So, he is not one of those guys with lacklustre profile. Information about him can be easily found on the web.

Moreover, his well-toned body does tell us that he is a product user himself. In Wade T Lightheart’s own words, “I would never ever endorse a product I don’t use myself. That would seem so dishonest to me.”

Who Should Consider MassZymes?

Studies suggest that a typical human being loses nearly 70% of the stored enzymes by the time he/she turns forty years old. This essentially means that your body will be able to effectively digest less than half of all you consume.

Leaving most of it to waste away.

As a result, you will lose out on a huge chunk of the nutrient value that you deserve.

Watch Wade Lightheart being interviewed by the guys at length by the guys from critical bench below.

Since majority of the population would only be lucky enough to absorb more than 50% nutrients from the consumed food…

This product is suitable for anyone who wants to get the most value from the food that passes into their body.

MassZymes Pros:

  • MassZymes is made from natural plant extracts. Therefore, it improves total digestive health and protein absorption and in a safe way. It is made by a Vegetarian, so no animal extract used.
  • It’s a real product that tens and thousands of regular people and athletes have been using for several years. With most of them deliriously happy with the product’s performance.
  • MassZymes contain all the necessary enzymes that your body needs to digest all that you eat. It doesn’t let your protein intake go useless feeding your toilet bowl with it and turning you into a fart machine.
  • Other than proper protein absorption, it aids in the muscle recovery process as well by increasing the body’s glucose absorption by as much as 55%. Basically, it fuels a person’s body with everything that’s essential for optimum muscle growth.
  • With better muscle growth, faster recovery, and improved energy levels, a regular gym-goer will be able to break many exercise plateaus with the help of MassZymes. As a result, it can help in rapid body transformation too.
  • By improving one’s digestive system, it can also save users from serious gut problems and digestion nightmares such as stomach bloating, gas, irritable bowel movements, diarrhea, and more.
  • Due to improved digestive health, people are bound to feel more energetic throughout the day even if they are not regular gym-goers. According to the makers, it fires a user’s energy level by an incredible 18%. You won’t be walking around with a toxic body.
  • Other health benefits include improved mental focus, better sleep, and clearer thinking. As hinted before, MassZymes has more protease content than most leading brands out there for maximum health benefits. For those who are not aware, protease is the most expensive enzyme to produce.

MassZymes Cons:

  • MassZymes costs a tad bit higher than the competition. But, MassZymes can beat its rivals by a landslide; considering that a bottle contains 250 capsules, it equals most out there in terms of cost, and infuses more health benefits than most digestive supplement on the market. So, we can’t hold a major grudge against MassZymes, as past users have confirmed that the product’s effectiveness makes it worth the price.
  • MassZymes may not be for everyone out there. Men or women below the age of eighteen are advised against the use of this product. Also, breastfeeding population, anyone with ulcer or any other gastric conditions should not use this supplement. As such, everyone else should also consult their physician before using the product. As you might already know, this is a common word of advice that needs to be followed before using any dietary supplement.

Any Guarantees?

Gladly enough, MassZymes comes with a rock-solid product warranty. Wade T Lightheart has backed MassZymes with a generous 365-day money back guarantee. If the product fails to please you to death, you can get your full-amount refunded without any hiccups provided you opened just one bottle.

Given the product warranty, it won’t be an understatement to claim that you will lose nothing by pulling the trigger on this highly health beneficial dietary gem of a product.

Final Words:

Designed mainly for athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters and those seeking a well optimized digestive health; MassZymes brings out the best in a person’s body performance. As you can tell by now, the game changes when a person is stacked with necessary digestive enzymes.

It will make your protein work like never before. After all, it’s the ultimate solution to increase the protein usability in the body. So, the chilling conclusion is that this medical-grade dietary product should be a no-brainer choice for anyone looking to build muscles or improve his/her health in general. Not to forget the fact that the iron-clad money back guarantee keeps your investment on the product protected for a full 365-days.

See how MassZymes works on raw meat and when used with P3-OM Probiotics in the video below.

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How Digestive enzymes work to optimize your body; MassZymes Review

How Digestive enzymes work to optimize your body; MassZymes Review

Do you want to learn why enzymes are so important in the body’s peak performance?
Watch wade Lightheart walk you through all that enzymes entails and a detail review of his digestive enzyme supplement MassZymes. He goes deep into why we can produce sufficient enzymes after passing certain age.
Even though Stefan James is already a fan of MassZymes, he drills Wade in this video.

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P3-OM Review and the Best time to take Probiotics with Wade Lightheart

P3-OM Review and the Best time to take Probiotics with Wade Lightheart

Watch Wade Lightheart talk extensively about the vegan based high strain probiotic P3-OM with Stefan James in this interview. He drills down on what probiotics are, when to use them, why they work and many other probiotic related questions in-between.
The product comes with a 365 days money-back-guarantee. Which anyone no longer interested in the product can use should the product not be fitting for their system.

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How to maximize your protein intake for muscle gain, Critical bench vs Wade Lightheart

How to maximize your protein intake for muscle gain, Critical bench vs Wade Lightheart

In this video, the critical bench crew caught up wide Wade Lightheart at an event, and they thoroughly reviewed both the MassZymes, which is a vegan based probiotics backed by wade lightheart himself, and the P3OM probiotics also a vegan based proteolytic probiotics.
They both contribute immensely to having an effective body building diet.

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MassZymes review, masszyme experiment, how digestive enzymes work

MassZymes review, masszyme experiment, how digestive enzymes work

Watch Wade Lightheart add some of his digestive enzyme supplements to a bowl of Oatmeal and see what happens next!
He did this to show the power of his vegan based protease rich digestive enzyme supplement MassZyme. See how the digestive enzyme supplement digests the oatmeal within minutes.

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Watch what happens when you add Digestive enzyme and Probiotics On Raw Meat!

Watch what happens when you add Digestive enzyme and Probiotics On Raw Meat!

In this video, see what happens to raw meat when you add P3-OM, a vegan based proteolytic probiotic and MassZymes a vegan based, protease rich digestive enzyme supplement on a raw meat.
This is to show what happens inside your stomach to all the proteins you consume.
The experiment was done in a regulated pH to simulate the stomach.
Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/T6OdSprK7lA

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You can read the full MassZymes review here: https://bodyoptimizers.com/masszymes-review/

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